Becky Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund

A Tribute to a Great Lady in the World of Handbells

Becky Rogers 1941-2005

There are those in music we admire an know. My world has been a better place because I have not only known and admired Becky Rogers for a lot of years, but I respect and love her as well.

She means so much to me personally as well as musically, for many reasons. Number 1, she is just plain funny. The amusing things I have heard her say in and out of rehearsals, and her own enjoyment of matters of humor, are most enjoyable parts of recalling our friendship.

Number 2, her personality. She is the most engaging conversationalist one could want to be around. She is always enquiring about the well being of the one with whom she is conversing, and showing a genuine concern. She usually has the last word in any such dialog – and it is delightful!

Number 3, her skills as a Handbell Musician and Technician are always to be admired. I well remember her describing some little innovations she had discovered in order to get the job done, in other words to negotiate some particularly challenging part the music was giving her. She has such knowledge and a feel for the instrument which comes across in all her handbell ringing.

Finally, her unparalleled sense of musicianship is in always making her part in the music other than just right notes. This carries over into her partnership with others in the choir, and is hugely appreciated by her directors. She has no equal in gallantry and all things musical.

Don Allured
April, 2005